The Deli Box

The Deli Box comes with nine hand-selected, completely healthy packets of treats for £15 per month. Full of natural ingredients that complement your dog's diet, the treats smell good to your pet and taste delicious! Learn more.

Limited Edition New

For a limited time, we are offering ten Lamb Feet for £18. One payment, loads of natural toothbrushes!

Coming soon

The Nibbler Box

Our Nibbler Box is now available for £10 per month. Five hand-selected packets of treats ready for good dogs.
Learn more.

"We love the variety of treats on offer." - @sillytillypoodle

"A massive paws up from me and Marley!" - @cockapoomarley

"We can't wait to see what's in the next box!" - @apollo.charlie


We have a variety of options to bring our amazing treats to your door.

Nibbler Box

£10 / mo

Deli Box

£15 / mo

Limited Edition


  • One-off payment
  • 10 x Lamb Feet
  • Natural toothbrushes
  • Subject to availability



Our Mission

When we started Pawprint Deli, we had a vision to deliver the best tasting, highest quality dog treats straight to your door. We feel that we have achieved that, but we'll never settle and will always strive to improve every aspect of our company.

Tim and Caz

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